Here's what's available for Saturday, May 25th
12:00a The Tunnel - end / Soundopolis - start
1:00a Soundopolis
2:00a Soundopolis - end / Undercurrents - start
3:00a Undercurrents
4:00a Undercurrents
5:00a Undercurrents
6:00a Undercurrents
7:00a Academy of Comedy
8:00a Academy of Comedy
9:00a The Big Bandstand
10:00a The Big Bandstand
11:00a Frettin' Fingers
12:00p Frettin' Fingers
1:00p Juke Joint
2:00p Juke Joint
3:00p Soul & Funk Express
4:00p Soul & Funk Express
5:00p The Gumbo Mix
6:00p The Gumbo Mix